Empire Roofing Systems

Empire Renovations is your one stop shop of all your roofing needs. Here at Empire we can help you with any type of roof material from asphalt to metal, along with any low slope roofing.

Roofing isn't just shingles and nails... it's a system! Every roof needs to have all the components to ensure it's warranty and life expectancy that the manufacture puts in place. Here at Empire Renovations we use top quality materials, with the best warranties and only install them as a system so you don't ever need to worry about them again!

A true "peace" of mind.

Asphalt Roofing

With a wide variety of styles and colors asphalt shingles are a great way to make your roof really stand out. Empire Renovations asphalt roofing systems are unmatched, scream quality, combine great workmanship and industry leading warranties. You truly have a peace of mind.

Metal Roofing System

Snap Lock Standing Seam Metal Panel is a structurally strong, performance-rated roof panel ideally suited for residential, commercial, retail, civic, and multi-use constructions. With its variety of energy-saving hues, this product is an excellent choice for achieving any desired aesthetic. Long-lasting, resilient, and eco-friendly. Snap Lock Standing Seam Metal Panel offers architects and property owners maximum design flexibility and perfect integration with other traditional building materials.

TPO Roofing System

Short for thermoplastic polyolefin, TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane that offers excellent performance at a cost-effective price. Heat-welded seams provide superior strength. TPO's long-term heat, UV, and natural fungal resistance, plus flexibility without need for plasticizers also make TPO a reliable low-slope roofing system.

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